Danish Blue from Fine Fare

“What are you talking about, Anne?”
If Fine Fare was part of your life, you already have an image in your mind.
If not, let me take you back in time…

Fine Fare supermarkets

The first proper supermarket in my town was Fine Fare. I was around 12 years old when it opened. For this story, I’m 17

I worked in the offices of a carpet manufacturer. Just around the corner was Fine Fare

I’d become interested in food and cooking, and was reading Elizabeth David books. I so wanted to eat something more interesting than mince, or filled rolls. So my lunch break destination was Fine Fare

My parents weren’t interested in food, other than as a method of surviving. I wanted more flavour, texture, enjoyment. One day I’ll tell you more Tales from Fine Fare. Today it’s Danish Blue

Cheese in my childhood home was something orange and cheese flavoured, known as cheddar

Fine Fare had cheeses I’d never heard of. It’s funny to remember how few choices we had. But that was then…

One lunch break I picked up a wee, foil wrapped cube of Danish Blue. I hadn’t come across blue cheese before. Worth a try

Danish Blue Cheese

I went outside to sit on the wall, removed the foil, bit into the cube, almost died. Danish Blue was the worst thing I’d ever tasted

My office was close enough for me to reach quickly. Otherwise I would have collapsed, frothing from my mouth

I next tried blue cheese about 10 years later. Strangely, I liked it

Today a customer asked me if I had a nice blue cheese. (I don’t – yet) Got me reminiscing about Fine Fare, and the horror in that wee, foil wrapped cube
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